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How I built a successful online business without having to create a product, store inventory, or ship anything.

Hi y'all! As you may have heard, I am currently in the process of writing a book about how I started this business ( with that hopes that I can help other's replicate my success across other industries. I am planning to be finished and release the book around mid April. Pre-Order cost will only be $3.50 compared to the regular price of $9.95 after launch if you are interested (Click HERE to Pre-Order). But if not, just enjoy the intro below. ~Nick

ps. - one last last thing, that I am super proud about. For every order placed on this site (including for this new book) we plant a tree! I love paperbacks just as much as the next person and have a dozen stacked on my bedside table, but ROI eBooks is a 100% paperless organization and we're giving back through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Book Intro

(Still working on title options)

I have unsuccessfully tried to launch over a dozen online businesses/projects before ROI eBooks. These ranged from blogging with affiliate links, sourcing products from Amazon, and DropShipping T-shirts of my own design and from 3rd party suppliers. With all of these ideas, I took several weeks of planning, then around another month to properly build and set up the site. Eventually, set up a paid ad campaign and then finally launched the thing. I would get a decent amount of traffic from Facebook after spending upwards of $50 on ads, but no sales! How frustrating, another failed attempt and wasted time

 In retrospect, I’ve realized that one of the biggest killers to a new business venture or website is the lack of momentum. That first sale is so important, no matter how small. I cannot even begin to explain the excitement that I felt after launching ROI eBooks when I saw that first confirmation email of a $4.95 sale. I knew in that moment of validation, that somehow, this business was going to be the one that finally worked.

Throughout this book, I will explain the process of how In Just 8 Short Days I was able to:

  • Build my website
  • Research and purchase high quality products that other people made
  • Edit the products and hire a designer to create new product images
  • Upload the products to my site
  • Set up an efficient digital download system
  • Get approved to accept business payments through PayPal
  • Create an affiliate program and sign up 3 affiliates

Again, all in just 8, I repeat, 8 days!

The Benefits of Selling Digital Products

One of the best things about selling digital products online is that you get to skip a lot of the grunt work that is normally involved in starting a business or designing and selling a product. With this business model: you can avoid having to create a product from scratch, spending hundreds to thousands on product development and marketing campaigns, having to manufacture physical goods, or deal with the ultimate hassle of warehousing inventory, shipping, and returns. It has never been easier for anyone to start making sales in the form of digital products from the comfort of their own home. Another great part about selling digital products is that it is endlessly scalable. If you are able to find the right source of traffic that converts at a rate that is profitable, you can keep spending more time on your efforts or more money on the ad campaign driving that traffic to keep producing positive ROI.

While there are many business models that allow for this kind of digital success, few can rival the impressive speed and efficiency of selling Private Label Rights eBooks or products.

How Private Label Rights Products Work

Digital product creation can be exhausting. Perhaps even terrifying. The whole process — from researching, writing, and designing a book or product takes a very structured, disciplined approach. You are not just going to sit down and knock out a book or course in a weekend.

Check out this 2016 survey conducted by showing how much time independent authors took to finish their book:

As you can see, only 24% of people completed writing their book in under 6 months. This chart doesn't even include the percentage of people that started a book and never finished (it's definitely over half, but I can only imagine how high this true percentage is).

I originally wanted to write my own books about marketing/business to sell on, but after seeing these stats, I knew I did not have the time and would quickly become unmotivated if a few weeks or a month went by and I had made little to no progress on my books. So, while I was still determined to eventually write some books of my own, I knew I needed a quick solution to help build momentum for my business. Something that would motivate me to keep going with this new venture and validate the time it would take to create quality eBooks from scratch.

Enter PLR. 

With Private Label Rights products, you either pay for a membership to a site that allows you to have access to hundreds if not thousands of products, or you can choose to just pay for 1 or a few products individually. When you download a product with a Private Label Rights license, you are allowed to:

  • Resell the product across the web
  • Put your name as the author
  • Modify or edit the book as you see fit
  • Add additional content or combine multiple books
  • Design a new cover for the book
  • Change the name of the book

The only downside of PLR is you have to hunt for the highest quality of writing and content out there, and your product may not be unique. This is why it is imperative to design new covers and come up with new names for each PLR eBook you create. What it really comes down to, is who can market and sell these books the best.

A key to being successful with this kind of business model is choosing a very specific niche and building trust with a group of people within a specific industry that will want to buy your books. Another great thing about PLR eBooks is that you can break them down into free content to give away to build a following and start growing your email list. You can use parts of these books for blog posts, downloadable lead magnets, or parts of an email/newsletter series. Content is King! And once you have the rights to these books, the possibilities for content is limitless. 

What You Will Learn by Reading This Book

Throughout the rest of this book, I will break down the steps that I took that contributed to my success the most and enabled me to create a successful business with PLR eBooks:

  • Finding quality PLR membership sites and products
  • Editing and customizing PLR eBooks
  • Finding and hiring good, inexpensive freelance designers
  • Making new book covers, that sell
  • Choosing the right niche
  • Avoiding direct competition
  • Setting up a sales page or website
  • Automating the delivery of digital products to your customers
  • Accepting payments reliably and avoiding refund fees
  • Testing your sales page to increase conversion
  • Attracting traffic to your site
  • Setting up an affiliate program and recruiting affiliates
  • Running a paid ad campaign
  • Building an email list with engaged followers 


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