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Wired For Success

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63 Pages - You will learn:

  • How to Wire your Brain for Success
  • The Benefits of Clearly Defining your Goals
  • How to Define Your Goals
  • Setting Yourself Up to "Get Lucky"
  • How to Start Making Better Decisions
  • Why and how to Mitigate Risk
  • The Right Way to Work with Others
  • How to Define and Focus on Your Strengths

Most of us did not even choose the path we currently find ourselves on – we did not choose to work in the career we currently work in and we probably didn’t actively choose where to live either. Or at least that’s how it feels. For the most part, we are therefore often dissatisfied with what our day-today lives end up entailing.

We end up spending the vast majority of our day working in a job that we’re not particularly passionate or excited about and then we get home so tired and worn out that we can’t do anything exciting or interesting. So we end up just lying in front of the TV, watching junk.

The perfect time for change is now. This is a great motivational guide to learning how to condition your mind for success in all aspects of life!

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